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ADS B Information and Equipment Requirements 

         Read the top 10 Things to Know First after determining if your Glider has a Standard or Experimental Airworthiness Certificate after reading you will be an almost expert!


  • Validation

The ADS-B Out validation flight profile details are in section 4.2 of AC20-165B

There is a lot of information in the AC for first time ADS-B approvals, but that is not what you are doing... the install of a TN72 or TN70 with a TT22 is already approved, you need to do the flight validation for your install .

Validation flight requests are here

What do I need to do for the proposed regulations for 2020?

  Nothing unless you want to be seen by ADS-B and want to fly in specific transponder required Airspace see exemption below.

    You can put a TN72 into your certified glider but you cannot fly into ADS-B designated airspace, only in areas where equipage is voluntary [for a glider].  But you will be seen!

Glider exemption for Transponders and  ADS-B 2020

The regulation 14 CFR 91.225(e) allows aircraft not certificated with an electrical system, including balloons and gliders, not equipped with ADS-B Out to operate within 30 nautical miles of a Class B primary airport—basically, within its Mode C veil—while remaining outside of any Class B or Class C airspace. These aircraft can operate as high as 17,999 feet msl except above Class B or Class C airspace; they also can operate beneath Class B and Class C airspace. Operationally the ADS-B Out rules mirror the transponder equipage requirements in 14 CFR 91.215. Equipping with a transponder now, and ADS-B Out by Jan. 1, 2020, allows for operations above Class B and C airspace.

14CFR 91.225

If you want to fly in airspace that  now requires transponders

After 2020 you will need a "2020 compliant" ADS-B Out system in your glider wherever you need a transponder now. ADS-B out can provide long-range visibility to gliders equipped with PowerFLARM and to other aircraft with ADS-B In traffic systems. Gliders are partially, but not fully, exempt from transponder and ADS-B Out carriage requirements. Gliders will require ADS-B Out after January 1, 2020 for flight in or above class B  and within Class A airspace, and within some wave windows.

Experimental gliders can use a TT22 Transponder and TN72 GPS to meet full 2020 ADS-B Out requirements. The TN-72 is used as a "meets performance requirement of TSO-C145c" GPS source.good enough for install in an experimental aircraft. These installations are done with the ADS-B Out system set to transmit SIL=3 (Source Integrity Level). To do this your glider needs to go thought the standard ADS-B Out FAA installation.  You should complete. a check flight to validate the install against the FAA ADS-B system.  

A SIL=3 ADS-B Out install, meets 2020 Out flight requirements, is visible to PowerFLARM 1090ES , to ATC, and  to a certified panel mount ADS-B In traffic systems. A a TT21 can be upgrade  to TT22 for around $900.  Contact Mid Continent Instruments
New installs of Trig transponders should be TT22 not a TT21 to give you maximum flexibility in future. Trig's USA service partner can also upgrade

Certified gliders that want to meet the 2020 ADS-B Out mandate can't use a TN-72 t is not an actual TSO'ed TSO-C145c GPS source. A Trig TN-70 actual TSO-C145c GPS sourcei is required.

ADS-B Out installations may require you upgrade firmware on your Trig transponder, TABS/SIL=1 use requires the TT21/TT22 has firmware 2.12 or higher TC90 Control head is part of a TT22 and needs firmware upgrade, SIL=3/2020 compliant use requires firmware 2.7 or higher. Upgrading the firmware requires a (no charge besides shipping) return to the USA repair center or authorized dealer








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